Richard Armande Mills (aka RAM) is hard at work on his first full-length solo music project to be released since 2014’s Christmassacre holiday single. The project will be a new album Mills says has a resounding theme based upon what he’s “been going through lately.”

The LP will consist of ten or more tracks that feature Richard’s singing vocals versus the predominate rap efforts of his past mixtape releases. The reigning genre or name of the venture has yet to be publicly announced, but RAM has stated that it will be revealed in the “not-so-distant” future.

A release date for Mills’s first new musical offering in almost two years has yet to be disclosed, but Richard has said that it’ll be available around “early to mid 2016.” RAM is extremely excited to be getting back into the studio and has even shared his excitement on social media.

An example taken from the RAMrant’s Snapchat belonging to Richard Armande Mills is below.

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